The #1 Daily Workout for Men To Build Bigger Biceps & Triceps

Chin-ups Get ready to blast those biceps. Chin-ups are a classic arm-sculpting exercise that targets the biceps and upper back muscles.

For "Hang [onto] a pull-up bar with your palms facing you," Mentus says. Push your elbows to your sides and lift your chin above the bar. Keep tension in your upper back and steadily lower yourself for four seconds until your arms are fully extended.

Tricep Dips Up next are tricep dips, a killer exercise for isolating the muscles on the back of your upper arm.

"Sit on the side of a weight bench, and place your hands on the bench next to you with your legs straight out," Mentus. "Lift yourself off the bench with your arms, then bend your elbows to lower yourself to 90 degrees. Press your hands through the bench to straighten your arms.

Straight Bar Bicep Curls To sculpt biceps, Mentus explains, "Hold a straight barbell shoulder-width apart, palms facing out, arms straight. Squeeze your biceps as you elevate the weight to your shoulders with your elbows pinned to your sides.

Lower the bar slowly until your arms are straight. Do not live the bar with momentum." Take one minute to relax between four 10–12 rep sets.

Skull Crushers Don't let the name intimidate you; skull crushers are a top-notch exercise for adding mass to your triceps.

Lay on a bench and grip a weighted bar overhead. Keep your elbows still and bend your forearms toward your face. Bring the bar near to your face without touching it, then return your elbows to the beginning position.

Incline Bench Curls When building bigger arms, it's crucial to hit the biceps from various angles, which is precisely what the incline bench curl does.

Cable Tricep Pushdowns Last but certainly not least are cable tricep pushdowns—a surefire way to help your tricep muscles grow.