TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, you either love it or hate it. I personally think it depends on which location you visit. Some stores are super overwhelming. My local TJ Maxx is spacious, bright and actually pretty organized. I tend to stop in at least once a week to browse for bargains.

If the clutter is something you just can’t deal with, their website is a great option!

Below are 10 Things at TJ Maxx Right Now! (that I want in my home)


tj maxx 10 

tj maxx 6

tj maxx 7


I think I need to add some of these books to my bookshelf. 


Valentine’s Day Home Decor and Accessories

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If your home is feeling a little bare and blah after taking down the Christmas decorations, take advantage of this next holiday that is quickly approaching. Whether you want to go all out with reds, pinks, and hearts, or take the subtle approach, below is a list of home decor and entertainment accessories if you feel the need to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Hobby Lobby

You're stuck with me cactus mug

You’re Stuck With Me Mug $4.79

This cactus “you’re stuck with me” mug is a great little gift for your significant other. Also, living in Texas, you can never go wrong with the cactus motif. This white dolomite mug boasts an over-sized bowl-shape with the cute phrase “You’re stuck with me” in skinny black text and three black cactus plants.

Love Wood Wall Decor

Love Floral Wood Wall Décor $ 4.79

There are so many beautiful details to help inspire you to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Add a pop of color to your walls or bookshelves with this wood wall decor! I love Hobby Lobby. They always have great sales throughout the year. If the item you need is not on sale, go on their website and download the 40% off one item coupon! <——–


Target Single Pink Heart Wall Art

Single Pink Heart by Shelley Lake Framed Poster 19″x 13″ – $28.79

Here I go talking about Target again. This framed “poster” is a great way to welcome the Valentine’s day spirit without going overboard. You can easily incorporate this piece into an already existing gallery wall or layer it on a bookshelf. Once the holiday is over, simply substitute it out and save it for next year or…leave it! It’s fun and trendy and who doesn’t love black, white, and gold. All components are made in the USA, and the artwork comes ready to hang.

Gray Stripe Oversize Faux Fur Heart Throw Pillow $16.99 &

Pink Oversize Faux Fur Heart Throw Pillow  $16.99

Add an extra sweet touch to your couch or bedding with these Oversize Faux-Fur Throw Pillows from Target. Blush is back! More importantly, blush and brass is back and even better when paired together! Check out these cozy, furry heart shaped pillows. Throw these onto your sofa or bed, along with an oversize knit blanket and you’ve got yourself a romantic yet casual space to relax.

Pier 1

Pier 1 Metallic Hearts Wall Art

Metallic Hearts Art $127.20

Tons of texture in this piece! This is one of the pricier options on my list but is well worth it. This piece is approximately 40”by 40” and would make a great statement on a bare wall.

Heart with Arrow Wood & Marble Serving Board $39.95

Also from Pier 1 is this versatile heart-shaped cutting board. Made from marble and acacia wood, accented with a golden “cupid’s” arrow, this is meant to be at the center of your Valentine’s or Galentine’s day party! Serve up some love people!


Heart Shaped Ramekins

Novelty Shaped Ramekin Set $19.95

These ramekins can be used in the traditional way: oven to table top, or can be used as a snack bowl. I’m thinking they can be utilized in a quirky way to serve nuts or candies. “I’m nuts about you!” or “How sweet it is to be loved by you!”. Boy Jamie tells me I’m a goofball daily; I’ve embraced it.

Williams Sonoma

White with Red Heart Platter

Valentines Day Platter $16.95

The sturdy stoneware provides simplistic presentation for all sorts of festive foods, from appetizers and tasty cheeses to cookies and dessert confections. The imperfect edges and a bright red heart give this platter the classic charm of handmade valentines.

Floral Ice Mold

Williams Sonoma Rosebud Silicone Ice Molds, Set of 2 $14.95

These floral ice molds provide a unique compliment to a well-crafted cocktail. The inventive silicone molds create ice cubes that melt slowly and evenly so drinks stay well chilled and beautifully balanced. Who doesn’t want an ice-flower in their Valentine’s day drink?! This is sure to be a hit at your Valentine’s or Galentine’s day celebration. And the best part is, these can be reused for bridal showers, baby showers, or birthdays! I think I need these.

White Marble heart cheese board and coasters

White Marble Heart Cheese Board $39.95 &

White Marble Heart Coasters, Set of 4 $24.95

The perfect platform for treats you love, this heart platter is crafted of white marble with hints of gray veining. The naturally cool marble helps keep cheese, fruits and other delectable delights at the ideal serving and eating temperature. The coasters are a perfect pairing to the Cheese Board. Each one-of-a-kind coaster varies slightly in tone and movement.

I think the best part about Valentine’s day is that decorating with hearts is socially acceptable! I know Valentine’s day may not be everyone’s favorite holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse to add some color and new textures to your home. Spice up your space in the spirit of Valentine’s Day using inspiration from these decor and accessory suggestions.


**Check out these February themed planner stickers from Erin Condren —>


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DIY Pallet Side Table

Pallet projects have really taken off in the world of Pinterest. I don’t think I even knew what a pallet was before 2010. Now, it has become one of the cheapest and most popular resources for DIY home décor projects. A little creativity can turn a pallet into the perfect addition to any room in your house!

Before I show you one of my favorite creations, we need to talk about the most important material: the pallet! What is a pallet anyway?

Pallets are a platform that provide a base/foundation for materials to be easily stored and moved (usually by forklift). The wood pallet is the most popular type of pallet, followed by other materials, including plastic, wood composite and metal. You can usually find pallets behind grocery stores, home improvements stores, or any location that receives large shipments from a freight truck. If you can’t find any around town, you can always check out craigslist for free pallets.

I found these pallets left behind by construction workers in my mom’s neighborhood:

pallet stack
Stack of pallets found in my mom’s neighborhood. (Construction area)

**TIP** When searching through the pallet stack, look for the pallets with the most usable wood.

There were tons of variations within these pallets; Some were new, some weathered, some had yellow tones, others had gray or red tones. I knew I would be able to pick and choose the best pieces for my project.

Breaking the pallets apart takes a good amount of work and elbow grease. To make your life easier, use a jig saw or circular saw to cut the boards at the ends. Get yourself a Jig Saw like this —>

Pry the wood from the center support with a crow bar to salvage the entire length of the board. This should give you 8 to 14 boards per pallet. Remember to remove nails from slats. If you decide to leave the nails in for some added character, be sure to cut and file them down.

After seeing that stack of pallets in my mom’s neighborhood, I was feeling creative. I checked out my local thrift stores and consignment shops until I found this interesting little hexagonal side table. I could have kept it white, but I had left over chalk paint from one of the hundreds of teacher crafts I had been working on. (If I were to do this project again today, I would probably keep it white)

I was deciding whether to keep the table white or continue painting it this sunflower dandelion shade. At that time, I had also been working on a pallet headboard (more to come on that one). I started piecing together the top of the table with pallet scraps from my headboard. I love how each piece has a different texture and warmth to it: Gray tones, yellows, reds. I played around with the design and position of the pieces, and planned for filling in the blanks.

**Tip and Trick** Map out your pieces before securing them. I like to move my wood pieces around like a puzzle until I find the perfect combination and design.

Once I was finished mapping out the pieces, the table top ended up looking like this!

I also added pallet pieces to the sides of the table:

pallet table 5
Side view of the table.

This adorable side table is now living in my guest room!

The possibilities with pallet furniture are endless. It’s impressive how something so simple and common can be used to create something as beautiful as an original piece of furniture.


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A Few of My Favorite Things: Target Edition!

I cannot get enough of Target! For Christmas I was lucky to get three gift cards to this amazing superstore.  I love receiving gift cards as a present, it allows me to choose something I actually need, or treat myself to something I didn’t even know I wanted (which is what ALWAYS happens when I walk into this store). Target’s merchandise is always changing and revolving, so I make it a point to check out their latest additions at least twice a month. So, this past weekend, gift cards in tow, I checked out my local Target.

I was obviously immediately drawn to the new Hearth & Hand brand by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their display is clean and eye-catching. It features a 12-foot-tall “house” structure in the middle of the home décor section. The display is said to have been inspired by the Gaines’ Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. This was where a spotted a few of my favorite things.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite things at Target this month:

Striped Cooking Apron – Black/Cream – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia $15.99

Striped Apron, Hearth & Han

This apron is too cute; I love the green accent pocket. The price point is what ultimately sold me on this. I thought that maybe if I had a cute apron I would be inspired to bake more often. Well, it worked! Check out my new apron and not to mention my adorable sidekick, Hera:

We made pupcakes for Hera’s second birthday and they were soooo good! I will share the recipe and adorable birthday pictures in another post.

Striped Pot Holder (Set of 2) – Black/White – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia  $5.99

Pot Holders

Another cute find from the Hearth & Hand collection; This set of potholders features a classic black and cream striped design with a touch of rustic style. These potholders are great for any style of kitchen décor! I really love that The Gaines’ were able to create a line with Target with a lower price point than their Magnolia Market collection. It is also a lot easier to pop into one of my many Target stores than take another road trip to Waco. <—- Check out my previous post about visiting Magnolia Market in Waco!

Double Bell Alarm Clock – Yellow – Threshold™  $12.99

Mustcard Clock

Around the corner from the Hearth & Hand display I found this adorable little clock. Although this is a Threshold product, I know Joanna would approve. The mustard color is a huge trend right now. Mustard yellow has really picked up in popularity the last couple years; you can find it in clothing, pillows, furniture, and of course home accents. Bringing mustard yellow accents into your home is one of the best ways to subtly bring in the bright color without over committing or going too bold.

Green and Gold Task Lamp – Threshold™  $49.99

Desk Lamp

Another bold color choice here! One piece of décor which is often quickly overlooked is lighting. This fun lamp offers a new take on the classic green banker’s lamp. The first banker’s lamps featured a dark green glass shade that sat atop a base of solid brass. I will have to remember to hit up the lighting selection when it comes time to renovate our home office! (coming soon)

Jacquard Cotton Pouf – Pink – Threshold™  $49.99

Blush Pouf

Blush pink (No, not the mauve color from the 90s, but that is making a comeback as well) has really become a hit in home décor. One of the things that make blush pink a challenging color to decorate with is its reputation as a primarily feminine shade. When decorating with this color, be sure to blend the décor with natural textures and materials like stone or wood to balance the space.

Gray Metallic Rose Place Mat – Project 62™   $4.99

Placemat 1

This place mat is the perfect backdrop for simple plates and silverware. The color and texture of the place mat compliments the softness of the blush pattern accent. The secret to simple design lies in pieces like place mats, which effortlessly combine function and style. See, practicality!

Cream/Black Weave Place Mat – Project 62™  $4.99

Placemat 2

I love this simple yet busy place mat (that may be an oxymoron). With its pattern formed from tiny dots and dashes, this place mat provides a fun but classic foundation for a table-scape.  In 1962, Target was born — with the revolutionary idea to celebrate design and make it accessible for all. Project 62 (at Target) embodies this concept with a collection of modern pieces made for everyday living.

Small Milk Crate Wire Basket – Antique Pewter with Copper Colored Handles – Threshold™  $ 12.74

Wire Basket

This antique pewter milk crate basket with copper handles from Threshold is designed to be multi-functional yet elegant. I love copper accents! Our bar cart is full of them. This basket is currently living in our powder room until I find a better home for it. I bought it because I felt like I needed it, I just didn’t know exactly where yet.

Crosby Schoolhouse Floor Lamp – Black – Threshold™  $47.49

The black base and shade contrast nicely with brass hardware for a touch of modern simplicity. I plan on using black as a simple accent color in our home office, so I will have to keep this floor lamp in mind. I love the sleek look of this lamp. I can picture this lamp in the corner of our office complimenting one of my company’s many amazing accent/wing chairs.

Calendar Sticky Notes- Target Dollar Bin!

Calendar Sticky Notes

I can’t have a post about Target without addressing my need to organize and plan! When I was a teacher, I would spend hundreds of dollars on the cutest accessories and tools for my classroom. That is another reason why I am very glad that I am no longer a teacher; I save A LOT more money now. Anyways, this adorable sticky note pad can be used in agendas, notebooks, folders, or right on top of a desk.

Plant Marker Set White 4pc – Smith & Hawken™  $ 14.99

Plant Marker Set

Last but not least, I have spring on my mind. I saw these wonderful plant markers and immediately started brainstorming about our spring garden landscape for the backyard. If it wasn’t currently 28 degrees (in Texas!) I would be cleaning out the planter boxes as we speak. Once I get everything cleaned up, I may have to go back and get these.

It bothers me that this list contains eleven items, but apparently I couldn’t just choose ten! I really, really enjoyed curating this collection and writing this post. I obviously also enjoyed the “field research” in preparation for this post. There’s something about Target that just makes people spend their money…and like doing it! But I warn you, Target is a trap, you never go for just ONE thing.

h and h


Visiting Magnolia Market

I feel like I am overdue for a trip to Waco, TX. Full disclosure: I have already visited the Silos four times. I’m not even sorry; each time had something new to offer! Also, I live outside of Austin, TX so the trip really isn’t that bad. Still, boy Jamie thinks I am crazy.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, please start watching Fixer Upper. You’re welcome. I even have boy Jamie watching it with me. He mostly watches because of Chip, but I do catch him admiring the work of the amazing Mrs. Gaines. (What would Joanna Gaines Do?) As most of you probably have seen on their show, Joanna had the dream (vision) to take two old grain silos in the middle of Waco, and abandoned buildings and turn the space into a mini metropolis.

The market started out with the Magnolia Market home décor store also known as the little shop on Bosque. The current shop is an upgrade from her first smaller store she opened back in 2003. The little shop grew as much as it could at its original location, before moving into the new location at the Silos in late October of 2015.

magnolia small
The original Magnolia opened in 2003

Magnolia Market at the Silos opened in October 2015.  Magnolia Market sells home accessories and decor, including some from local artisans.

magnolia before and after 2

Joanna and her team have done an incredible job at styling the shop and making it an amazing, inviting experience. The store was filled with rich wood and great farmhouse finds, and beautiful products that made me wish I had an extra thousand dollars to spend.

Since the renovation of the store, the Gaines’s have also added Silos Baking Co and Magnolia Seed & Supply Garden store. The bakery is filled with Joanna’s personal recipes and hand-picked favorites like “The Silos Cookie”, “The Prize Pig” bacon and cheddar biscuit, and the “Nuts & Bolts” cupcake.

Silos Bakery

Obviously, I had to sample the two competing bestsellers: Strawberries ‘N Cream, a bright pink cake with vanilla buttercream (which also happens to be Chip’s favorite item on the menu), and Lemon Lavender, a tasteful blend of lemon and lavender-infused cake with heavenly lemon buttercream on top.

If you don’t want to wait in line at the brick and mortar, the bakery also sells cupcakes from a little air-stream out by the food trucks. As you can see, I love her cupcakes! I think I try a new flavor each time. The Lemon Lavender flavor is the must-try cupcake. The lavender is flown in from California and the lemon is hand-stirred into the vanilla cake mix.

There are four main areas to see when you visit Magnolia: Magnolia Market, the Silo’s Baking Co., Magnolia Seed & Supply, and the lawn area surrounded by food trucks. Magnolia Seed & Supply is pretty small, but packed with charm.

Seed and supply 1
Magnolia Seed & Supply

There were so many fun displays to use as inspiration or just stare at in awe. Rumor has it, Chip and Joanna plan to renovate the interior of the actual Silos in the near future! I can’t wait to go back soon and eat more cupcakes! Next time I visit, I’ll be sure to better document the trip and the food.

h and h

Wishing you could visit but it just isn’t plausible?

Get your Magnolia look-alikes here:Style My Fixer Upper


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