A Few of My Favorite Things: Target Edition!

I cannot get enough of Target! For Christmas I was lucky to get three gift cards to this amazing superstore.  I love receiving gift cards as a present, it allows me to choose something I actually need, or treat myself to something I didn’t even know I wanted (which is what ALWAYS happens when I walk into this store). Target’s merchandise is always changing and revolving, so I make it a point to check out their latest additions at least twice a month. So, this past weekend, gift cards in tow, I checked out my local Target.

I was obviously immediately drawn to the new Hearth & Hand brand by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their display is clean and eye-catching. It features a 12-foot-tall “house” structure in the middle of the home décor section. The display is said to have been inspired by the Gaines’ Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. This was where a spotted a few of my favorite things.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite things at Target this month:

Striped Cooking Apron – Black/Cream – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia $15.99

Striped Apron, Hearth & Han

This apron is too cute; I love the green accent pocket. The price point is what ultimately sold me on this. I thought that maybe if I had a cute apron I would be inspired to bake more often. Well, it worked! Check out my new apron and not to mention my adorable sidekick, Hera:

We made pupcakes for Hera’s second birthday and they were soooo good! I will share the recipe and adorable birthday pictures in another post.

Striped Pot Holder (Set of 2) – Black/White – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia  $5.99

Pot Holders

Another cute find from the Hearth & Hand collection; This set of potholders features a classic black and cream striped design with a touch of rustic style. These potholders are great for any style of kitchen décor! I really love that The Gaines’ were able to create a line with Target with a lower price point than their Magnolia Market collection. It is also a lot easier to pop into one of my many Target stores than take another road trip to Waco. <—- Check out my previous post about visiting Magnolia Market in Waco!

Double Bell Alarm Clock – Yellow – Threshold™  $12.99

Mustcard Clock

Around the corner from the Hearth & Hand display I found this adorable little clock. Although this is a Threshold product, I know Joanna would approve. The mustard color is a huge trend right now. Mustard yellow has really picked up in popularity the last couple years; you can find it in clothing, pillows, furniture, and of course home accents. Bringing mustard yellow accents into your home is one of the best ways to subtly bring in the bright color without over committing or going too bold.

Green and Gold Task Lamp – Threshold™  $49.99

Desk Lamp

Another bold color choice here! One piece of décor which is often quickly overlooked is lighting. This fun lamp offers a new take on the classic green banker’s lamp. The first banker’s lamps featured a dark green glass shade that sat atop a base of solid brass. I will have to remember to hit up the lighting selection when it comes time to renovate our home office! (coming soon)

Jacquard Cotton Pouf – Pink – Threshold™  $49.99

Blush Pouf

Blush pink (No, not the mauve color from the 90s, but that is making a comeback as well) has really become a hit in home décor. One of the things that make blush pink a challenging color to decorate with is its reputation as a primarily feminine shade. When decorating with this color, be sure to blend the décor with natural textures and materials like stone or wood to balance the space.

Gray Metallic Rose Place Mat – Project 62™   $4.99

Placemat 1

This place mat is the perfect backdrop for simple plates and silverware. The color and texture of the place mat compliments the softness of the blush pattern accent. The secret to simple design lies in pieces like place mats, which effortlessly combine function and style. See, practicality!

Cream/Black Weave Place Mat – Project 62™  $4.99

Placemat 2

I love this simple yet busy place mat (that may be an oxymoron). With its pattern formed from tiny dots and dashes, this place mat provides a fun but classic foundation for a table-scape.  In 1962, Target was born — with the revolutionary idea to celebrate design and make it accessible for all. Project 62 (at Target) embodies this concept with a collection of modern pieces made for everyday living.

Small Milk Crate Wire Basket – Antique Pewter with Copper Colored Handles – Threshold™  $ 12.74

Wire Basket

This antique pewter milk crate basket with copper handles from Threshold is designed to be multi-functional yet elegant. I love copper accents! Our bar cart is full of them. This basket is currently living in our powder room until I find a better home for it. I bought it because I felt like I needed it, I just didn’t know exactly where yet.

Crosby Schoolhouse Floor Lamp – Black – Threshold™  $47.49

The black base and shade contrast nicely with brass hardware for a touch of modern simplicity. I plan on using black as a simple accent color in our home office, so I will have to keep this floor lamp in mind. I love the sleek look of this lamp. I can picture this lamp in the corner of our office complimenting one of my company’s many amazing accent/wing chairs.

Calendar Sticky Notes- Target Dollar Bin!

Calendar Sticky Notes

I can’t have a post about Target without addressing my need to organize and plan! When I was a teacher, I would spend hundreds of dollars on the cutest accessories and tools for my classroom. That is another reason why I am very glad that I am no longer a teacher; I save A LOT more money now. Anyways, this adorable sticky note pad can be used in agendas, notebooks, folders, or right on top of a desk.

Plant Marker Set White 4pc – Smith & Hawken™  $ 14.99

Plant Marker Set

Last but not least, I have spring on my mind. I saw these wonderful plant markers and immediately started brainstorming about our spring garden landscape for the backyard. If it wasn’t currently 28 degrees (in Texas!) I would be cleaning out the planter boxes as we speak. Once I get everything cleaned up, I may have to go back and get these.

It bothers me that this list contains eleven items, but apparently I couldn’t just choose ten! I really, really enjoyed curating this collection and writing this post. I obviously also enjoyed the “field research” in preparation for this post. There’s something about Target that just makes people spend their money…and like doing it! But I warn you, Target is a trap, you never go for just ONE thing.

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How to Decorate a Bookcase Like a Pro!

How to Decorate a Bookcase Like a Pro!

A well styled bookshelf can really elevate an entire space and make it look cohesive. If you are like me, you may be torn between aesthetics and practicality when selecting décor. That is one subject where Boy Jamie and I agree to disagree. Sometimes things just need to look pretty! No practicality involved. When styling bookshelves, there should always be a nice balance between beauty and benefit.

                                   bookshelf 4

Things to include on the shelf:

Favorite books, Accent Pieces, Personal Pictures, Accent Colors, Decorative/Interesting Objects, and Greenery

Style tip! Group in Odd Numbers

    bookshelf 2

Placing objects in groups of three creates visual tension. Despite the odd number, the grouping will look and feel more balanced. Even numbers create symmetry, but odd numbers create interest. Three seems to be the magic number, but 5, 7, or even 9 for  large groupings work nicely as well.

bookshelf 5

Layer, Layer, Layer

  bookshelf 3

  Displays should never be one-dimensional, so be sure to layer a few items in front of each other. Layering adds depth to your shelves. One of the easiest ways to layer is to place objects (vases, small plants, small décor) in front of an art print or photo. Different heights and textures also add to the appeal. Start with the bigger accessories first and then fill in the gaps!

Stack Objects

One thing you can do to add appeal to a stack of books is to put a decorative object on top. Think of using decorative objects to break up the monotony. The decorative object on top of the stack draws the eye and makes the arrangement more interesting.


You can and should use fun objects as bookends! If you have books standing upright on a shelf, you can use an object or a uniquely shaped vase instead of just a simple bookend.

These succulents are a great way to incorporate greenery into your bookshelf decor. You can buy similar ones here:

Bookshelf styling can be an easy extension of your interests and personality, and there are no rules or limits to how you customize yours!

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