Bar Stools: How Many?

Why are odd numbers so visually appealing? I briefly touched on this topic when I wrote about styling bookshelves. One reason odd numbers are so satisfying is because styling with odd groupings creates a central focus that draws the eye in.

I often see lighting, artwork, and accessories in groups of odd numbers. Lately, I have noticed an increase in EVEN groupings when it comes to bar stools! So which is it? Odd or even?

I know that this usually depends on the size of the space, length of the island, and the width of the stools. But, which arrangement do you prefer?


Studio McGee

studio m 3

studio m 4


Kate Marker Interiors

kate marker

kate marker 2

kate marker 3

kate marker 4


Whittney Parkinson Design

whittney parker

whittney parkinson 2


Salt Box Collective

salt box 1

salt box 2


Jaimee Rose Interiors

jaime rose

jaime rose 2


Park and Oak

park and oak